Spanish Hotel Chain Casual Hoteles Accepts Bitcoin Payments

Spanish hotel chain Casual Hoteles recently launched a pilot project that would see it test the use of bitcoin for payments at its facilities in the country.

With increased competition for customers affecting business, the hotel appears convinced that crypto payments could be the key to tapping into a new crop of clients.

Casuals Hotelesruns a hotel chain in attractive locations like Madrid, Valencia, Bilbao, Malaga, Seville, Cadiz, Saint Sebastian, and Lisbon.

The pilot is the hotel’s move to attract an increasingly large group of travelers and modern entrepreneurs that prefer working remotely. This tech-savvy group of travelers, popularly known as digital nomads could form the next frontier in the hotel’s push for Bitcoin adoption.

The pilot will begin at the hotel’s Casual Málaga del Mar facility, with the company’s blockchain project team overseeing the implementation.

According to a statement by Casual Hoteles, the move is meant to put it on the path to integrating the latest technological trends as businesses around the world evolve.

It also added that the hotel chain remains “committed” to connect with its customers via a dynamic approach to changes in the market, including anticipating client needs.

Customers interested in paying for goods and services using bitcoin will have access to a number of options.

Customers can pay by scanning a QR code that is accessible at the hotel’s reception or on the hotel’s official website. Those that cannot access this method will have the option of using Facebook’s WhatsApp messenger app.

The second method allows the user to retrieve a payment code designated in Euros. The clients will then need to access bitcoin payment processor BitPay, which will convert the crypto payments into Euros to complete the payments.

Apart from experimenting with bitcoin payments, Casual Hoteles is also looking at integrating Amazon Pay.

The use of mobile and other digital platforms to make payments has seen an increase in the number of merchants willing to adopt or experiment emerging technology.

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