QuickBit at the GibFin 2018 event in London

In March 2018, QuickBit took a decision to establish its operations in Gibraltar, as the territory is one of the first jurisdictions in the world with a legal framework for cryptocurrencies, blockchain and Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT). The move gives QuickBit the possibility to rapidly expand on the international market.

In October 2018, representatives from QuickBit attended the Gibraltar International Fintech Forum (Gibfin), in London. GibFin describes itself as the ”primary symposium for the Gibraltar DLT Ecosystem (…) giving the widest possible audience the chance to join the global visionaries who are forging the DLT future and to experience Gibraltar’s world leading DLT community.”

The Gibfin forum is an annual event which attracts internationally recognised speakers, investors, business leaders, entrepreneurs and scientists from around the world to investigate and discuss the latest developments in the world of blockchain, DLT and tokenomics.

The event was attended by more than 500 participants, and we had good opportunities to present and promote QuickBit to key people in the industry. Such networking is important also in the age of internet, as business is and has always been about relationships.

Among this year’s speakers were Dr Wulf Kaal, Emerging Technology Strategist and presenter at, among others, the World Economic Forum, European Central Bank and Harvard University; Joey Garcia, one of the world’s leading and pioneering distributed ledger lawyers and; Jon Matonis, economist, e-money researcher and the Founder of The Bitcoin Foundation.

”Participating in these types of events and forums allow us to meet key actors in the industry, to and discuss innovation, challenges, opportunities and the future of blockchain and DLT with the most prominent leaders, but also gives QuickBit an excellent opportunity to widen its global network and spread knowledge about the QuickBit brand to future partners and clients. Being present at GibFin was very beneficial for the company, and we look forward to attending this event next year again”, said Jörgen Eriksson, Managing Director at QuickBit.

Among the topics that were discussed at GibFin were:

  • Global regulatory developments for 2019 and their impact on the DLT market
  • Crypto investment models for 2019
  • Banking and Payments in the Crypto world
  • The auditing challenge of DLT

A set of videos from the GibFin event is available on this link.

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