Pay for a Limousine Ride with Crypto

Tokyo residents and visitors to the Japan’s major international airports are now able to enjoy a limo ride and pay for it using cryptocurrency.

The initiative is a result of a partnership between Remixpoint and Hinomaru Limousine Co., a leading Japanese taxi company. According to an announcement from the two companies, the plan is to integrate a Bitcoin (BTC) payment provider to allow users to access the crypto payment option.

In the partnership agreement signed last November, the taxi company’s customers can now choose from a number of cryptocurrencies when paying for a ride in the limos. The assets include Bitcoin, Bitcoin cash, and other.

With Japan as one of the countries with a growing number of crypto users, coupled with the country’s warm embrace for bitcoin as a payment option, the move to have this service could attract many more businesses towards crypto.

Already, many users are reportedly impressed with the payment method- most of them talking about the chance to avoid paying prohibitive fees charged by credit card issuers or over-the-counter (OTC) cash exchanges.  

Like in many other cases where crypto adoption is on the rise, the key pointer remains that there is more to cryptocurrencies than just as a speculative instrument. It shows there is a growing trend towards the use of digital assets in commerce.

Over the years, global giants like Overstock, Microsoft, Expedia, IBM, and Dell have all in one way or the other looked to crypto- either as a payment option for their business or as a technology for further innovation.

Remixpoint will likely look to address potential questions about crypto volatility by instantly converting cryptocurrencies into fiat. This will happen at the point of sale (POS) and in real time, making it easy for customers and the merchant to use or accept crypto without worrying about price fluctuations.

The partnership could see further integration of bitcoin as a payment option for Hinomaru’s business empire and the trickle effect could see smaller taxi companies move to adopt crypto.

Many people are willing to spend their crypto holdings but do not know how or where. However, with so many merchants or payment providers now accepting crypto, bitcoin’s march towards becoming a global currency seems unstoppable.

Similar payment moves are taking shape in Australia via the TravelbyBit platform and in the U.S. where Bitwage has rolled out a payment solution for salaried employees. Even Coinbase’s commerce plug-in has attracted a massive number of merchant integrations.

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