Fast Food Chain Church’s Chicken Accepts Dash in Venezuela

The Venezuelan crypto community has had its first crypto payment using Dash (DASH).  

On December 12, 2018, Church’s Chicken, from a U.S. fast-food chain announced that its restaurants in Venezuela had begun accepting crypto payments made in Dash (DASH).  

The Facebook announcement noted that Dash is now accepted at 10 restaurants in the country. Dash Venezuela reported uploading a video detailing the payment. With the successful payment, Church’s Chicken apparently became the first fast-food franchise in the world to accept cryptocurrency payments made using DASH.

The announcement came days after another fast food chain, KFC refuted claims that its Venezuela restaurants would begin to accept the cryptocurrency.

According to local news outlets, the incorrect news that KFC Venezuela had plans to accept cryptocurrencies was a result of hasty and poor decisions on the part of DashNews.

Mark Mason, the media director at DashNews had tweeted that KFC would start taking orders from customers who pay in crypto in a week. However, that turned out to be rather untrue as Dash Merchant Venezuela issued an apology for the blunder.

According to KFC Venezuela, the agreement to process payments via Dash had not been reached and even though discussions had been conducted, the publication of news to that effect had not been authorized.

Dash Merchant Venezuela’s public apology noted that DashNews’ posting had been premature and a result of optimism from the wider Dash community. 

Notable, however, was that both KFC Venezuela and Dash later issued statements confirming that negotiations were ongoing, signaling that there was potential for collaboration.  

The cryptocurrency community will remember the January 2018 PR stunt mounted by KFC Canada regarding crypto payments for a serving of its fabled fried chicken. 

At the time, KFC Canada announced that it would be offering customers chicken tenders in what it dubbed a “Bitcoin Bucket.” The franchise had informed the public that the only way to get a bite of the chicken was through paying via Bitcoin (BTC).

It was rather a fun way for the fast-food chain to market its wares, as a tweet promoting the offer pointed out in part that KFC did not “know exactly what Bitcoins [were],” and neither could they tell “how they work.” 

However, the implication was that all these did not matter as long as it did not come between a customer and some finger-licking chicken.

At the time of Church’s Chicken accepting Dash in its restaurants in Venezuela, the country was deep in an economic crisis that has since seen its fiat currency—the Bolivar—lose value due to hyperinflation. But interestingly, Venezuela continued to be the leading destination for crypto payments made in DASH.

Currently, there are hundreds of merchants who accept Dash payments every other week. The country also tops among users of bitcoin on peer-to-peer site LocalBitcoins.

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