• New York City Pre-School Bans Credit Cards and Embraces Bitcoin for Fees

    Crypto payments have come a long way since the early days of bitcoin, with the most famous bitcoin payment deal being the now celebrated “Bitcoin Pizza Day” in May. At the time, a cryptocurrency developer ordered two pizzas and paid for them using 10,000 bitcoins. Over the years, crypto has been in use countless times […]

  • New Jersey Restaurant Allows Customers to Pay In Bitcoin

    The use of cryptocurrencies to pay for meals at caf├ęs and restaurants is not a new idea as illustrated a decade ago when someone used 10,000 bitcoins to purchase a pizza. The trend has been replicated in many locations around the world, with an Italian restaurant in New Jersey adding to that number by allowing […]

  • Major U.S. Grocery Bans Visa, Eyes Adopting Bitcoin Payments

    The debate has been that Bitcoin’s slow transaction speed is what makes it lag behind traditional payment methods like fiat-based Visa.  While that remains true as bitcoin developers work on speeding up the network via various solutions, crypto’s other feature of being less costly could see Bitcoin replace Visa at one of America’s top grocery […]

  • In Queensland, Australia, Crypto Pays For Holidays

    Australians have been paying with crypto for a while now, including the use of bitcoin on the Living Room of Satoshi to pay for utility bills.  But a town in Queensland has taken that a notch higher, with more than 30 businesses said to accept crypto payments from holidaymakers.  Residents in Agnes Water and the […]

  • Historic Malta Mansion on Sale for $3 Million Only Accepts Bitcoin as Payment

    A property worth $3 million in the Mediterranean island nation of Malta went on sale in September 2018, attracting the attention of the crypto community. To anyone else, the sale of the historic mansion would have been nothing more than just another event involving the rich who love the Sea, and its scenic beaches. However, […]

  • Freelancers to Get Paid In Bitcoin via Bitwage

    Payroll and invoicing company Bitwage recently introduced a payment solution tailored to suit the needs of freelancers, one of the fastest growing forms of online and remote working groups. The freelance industry has one major problem, at least until the Bitwage platform’s payment option kicks off, and that relates to how freelancers get paid. For […]

  • Fast Food Chain Church’s Chicken Accepts Dash in Venezuela

    The Venezuelan crypto community has had its first crypto payment using Dash (DASH).   On December 12, 2018, Church’s Chicken, from a U.S. fast-food chain announced that its restaurants in Venezuela had begun accepting crypto payments made in Dash (DASH).   The Facebook announcement noted that Dash is now accepted at 10 restaurants in the […]

  • Buy an Airplane with Crypto

    The use of cryptocurrencies as payment methods has literally come a long way since bitcoin first hit the scene in 2009.  With increased in adoption, people have moved away from using crypto to purchase simple things like pizza, with crypto now able to buy virtually anything around the world. From luxury watches to condominiums and […]

  • California Bill Proposes Use of Crypto To Pay For Cannabis Taxes

    California lawmakers have drafted a bill seeking to make it legal for cannabis-related businesses to pay state taxes in cryptocurrency. In the proposed bill, lawmakers want the state to allow businesses that deal in cannabis in California to pay their taxes in USD-backed stablecoins. If the state passes the bill, then the new tax payment […]

  • Bitwage Allows Companies to Pay Employee Salaries and Taxes in Crypto

    Several crypto firms already pay some of their employees in crypto, including Ripple that reportedly offered millions in XRP as bonuses to top engineers at the firm. Now, a crypto-focused firm has launched a service that targets mainstream companies. Bitwage, which already allows contractors on freelance platforms to pay workers in cryptocurrency, has partnered with […]