• Swiss Giant Digitec Galaxus Accepts Cryptocurrencies

    Major Swiss-based retailer Digitec Galaxus now accepts cryptocurrencies for purchases made on its online platform. Announcedon March 19, the move is intended to allow customers access a variety of payment options and attract a growing number of crypto holders in a country that is seen as among the most crypto-friendly in Europe. The online giant […]

  • Ukraine Policy to Legalize Cryptocurrency by 2021

    Ukraine has plans for a new government policy that should see the country legalize cryptocurrency and push for mass adoption of the underlying blockchain technology. In November 2018, the country’s Ministry of Economic Development and Trade was said to have set in motion plans to come up with a regulatory framework to help achieve these […]

  • The World Bank sees Blockchain potential for Cross-Border payments

    A blog post written by Rodrigo Mejia-Ricart, research and public policy analyst at the United Nations;  Camilo Tellez, head of research and innovation at the Better than Cash Alliance; and Marco Nicoli, senior financial sector specialist at the World Bank said B2B transactions are at present “slow and opaque” as they rely on third parties to help […]

  • Six Questions to QuickBit

    QuickBit´s Managing Director Jörgen Eriksson was recently interviewed about the financial report for the October-December 2018 quarter. Here below is a video with the interview. Please note, the language in the video is Swedish.

  • Bank of International Settlements on crypto-currencies

    The central bank of the worlds central banks, the Bank of International Settlement (“BIS”) in Basel, Switzerland has issued a research paper on how the worlds central banks think about crypto-currencies. The hypothetical benefits and risks of central bank digital currencies are being widely discussed. A survey of central banks in the paper shows that […]

  • London Taxi Driver Sells Bitcoin in His Cab

    Believe it or not, crypto adoption is rising and one better illustration comes from the story of a London-based vendor who sold Bitcoin at the back of his cab.  Dave Jenkins reportedly used a processing device supplied by U.K.-based FastBitcoins. The touchscreen device is able to process cash-based transactions, allowing Jenkins to exchange fiat for […]

  • U.S State of Ohio First To Accept Bitcoin for Taxes

    The U.S. state of Ohio is the first in the country to allow its residents to settle local taxes using bitcoin. The move was hailed as one that “planted a flag” for crypto adoption in a state that has increasingly become supportive of crypto and the underlying blockchain technology. According to the state tax department, […]

  • Retail Giant Overstock to Pay 2019 Taxes in Bitcoin

    U.S major retailer Overstock.com earlier this year noted that it would pay part of its taxes using top cryptocurrency Bitcoin (BTC). The company’s payment of part of its 2019 taxes for the state of Ohio in crypto would constitute the first time a leading global business has moved to honor tax obligations using cryptocurrency.  Overstock’s […]

  • Pay for a Limousine Ride with Crypto

    Tokyo residents and visitors to the Japan’s major international airports are now able to enjoy a limo ride and pay for it using cryptocurrency. The initiative is a result of a partnership between Remixpoint and Hinomaru Limousine Co., a leading Japanese taxi company. According to an announcement from the two companies, the plan is to […]

  • “Pay by Crypto” on LALA World App

    Users all over the world can use the LALA token to pay for various services on the LALA World app.  The startup now allows users to access its “Pay by Crypto” service and top-up or recharge their wallets using cryptocurrency. According to the firm behind the platform, the service will initially only be available in […]