• Pay for a Limousine Ride with Crypto

    Tokyo residents and visitors to the Japan’s major international airports are now able to enjoy a limo ride and pay for it using cryptocurrency. The initiative is a result of a partnership between Remixpoint and Hinomaru Limousine Co., a leading Japanese taxi company. According to an announcement from the two companies, the plan is to […]

  • “Pay by Crypto” on LALA World App

    Users all over the world can use the LALA token to pay for various services on the LALA World app.  The startup now allows users to access its “Pay by Crypto” service and top-up or recharge their wallets using cryptocurrency. According to the firm behind the platform, the service will initially only be available in […]

  • New York City Pre-School Bans Credit Cards and Embraces Bitcoin for Fees

    Crypto payments have come a long way since the early days of bitcoin, with the most famous bitcoin payment deal being the now celebrated “Bitcoin Pizza Day” in May. At the time, a cryptocurrency developer ordered two pizzas and paid for them using 10,000 bitcoins. Over the years, crypto has been in use countless times […]

  • New Jersey Restaurant Allows Customers to Pay In Bitcoin

    The use of cryptocurrencies to pay for meals at cafés and restaurants is not a new idea as illustrated a decade ago when someone used 10,000 bitcoins to purchase a pizza. The trend has been replicated in many locations around the world, with an Italian restaurant in New Jersey adding to that number by allowing […]