• Buy an Airplane with Crypto

    The use of cryptocurrencies as payment methods has literally come a long way since bitcoin first hit the scene in 2009.  With increased in adoption, people have moved away from using crypto to purchase simple things like pizza, with crypto now able to buy virtually anything around the world. From luxury watches to condominiums and […]

  • California Bill Proposes Use of Crypto To Pay For Cannabis Taxes

    California lawmakers have drafted a bill seeking to make it legal for cannabis-related businesses to pay state taxes in cryptocurrency. In the proposed bill, lawmakers want the state to allow businesses that deal in cannabis in California to pay their taxes in USD-backed stablecoins. If the state passes the bill, then the new tax payment […]

  • Bitwage Allows Companies to Pay Employee Salaries and Taxes in Crypto

    Several crypto firms already pay some of their employees in crypto, including Ripple that reportedly offered millions in XRP as bonuses to top engineers at the firm. Now, a crypto-focused firm has launched a service that targets mainstream companies. Bitwage, which already allows contractors on freelance platforms to pay workers in cryptocurrency, has partnered with […]

  • Binance Invests $2.5 Million In Start-up To Boost Crypto Payments At Airports

    The world’s leading crypto exchange Binance invested over $2.5 million in an Australian crypto startup with the aim of helping users pay for flights and use airport amenities using cryptocurrency. The Changpeng Zhao led the platform and invested the money in a company called TravelbyBit, a blockchain payments processor and service provider based in Australia.  […]

  • Australians Pay Bills in Over 50 Cryptocurrencies

    Payment firm Gobbill and cryptocurrency exchange Cointree teamed up to provide Australians with opportunity to pay for goods and services using any of several cryptocurrencies. In a partnership that could boost crypto adoption in a massive way, the two firms announced that customers in the country could settle their everyday bills in as many as […]

  • Argentina and Paraguay Use Bitcoin to Settle Export

    Cryptocurrency’s growing use as a payment currency was clearly demonstrated when a recent trade deal between Argentina and Paraguay was settled not in U.S. dollars, but in Bitcoin (BTC). Yes, you got that right.   According to news published by various major outlets in mid-February, Paraguay allegedly imported agricultural products, including pesticides, from Argentina worth […]